Cutting Ties With Paul Pierce Is Hard For Boston To do

Many reports have been flying around about what the Boston Celtics will do with Paul Pierce. Some people tend to think the Celtics will buy him out, giving him a chance to finish his career elsewhere. Others think the Celtics and Pierce may rework a contract keeping him in Boston the remainder of his career. It is a tough decision for Danny Ainge who is very familiar with tough decisions. The other thing that must be considered is if Pierce leaves that means Kevin Garnett is also probably gone as well through retirement or a trade. Are the Celtics ready to start the rebuilding phase now?

Paul Pierce has been a cornerstone of what the Boston Celtics has built, but he is now 35 years old, and no one knows how many more years he will play. The truth is the Boston Celtics must look towards the future of their franchise and as sad it is to say I think we have seen the last of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in Celtic green. Both players have a few years left, but I do not think they will bow out in Celtic green.

As tough as a decision it is for Danny Ainge he must move forward towards the future. The decision will be a tough one, but one that has to be made. I think making is sooner then later would be better for everyone. I guess we will see soon which direction Ainge goes as whatever decision he makes will shape the Celtics in the future.