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October 6

Cleveland And Joe Haden Has Some Explaining To The NFL

The NFL wants to talk to Joe Haden and the Cleveland Browns on why he was inactive for the Cleveland Browns when he was listed as probable on Friday. According to the Coach Pettine it was Joe Haden's decision not to play. He had a thumb injury and was not able to go for the Browns. The NFL is wanting to know why he was listed as probable and not questionable. This is something the NFL has been cracking down on lately teams not being honest about players injuries and how they are listed.

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Sports in general have changed over the years. Unless you could not breathe you would drag your body onto the field. Players would tape up broken fingers and play. It was all about the team first, but now it's about the individual and the brand. There was a time when fans could go to the game and know there favorite players would play unless they could not walk. Older players tell stories where they played games with broken legs and arms. They loved the game so much.

Over the years though that has changed. Players now are looking out for themselves which is not a bad thing, but some take it to far. JOe Haden could have been hurt beyond play we will never really know as individuals are given more leeway these days. In the old days we know he would have taped it up and been out on the field trying to help his team win a ball game.

October 5

Don't Piss Off Stephen A. Smith

There is one thing that we have learned today and that is you do not want to piss on Stephen A. Smith. Ask Kevin Durant how that is going for him. This is a funny story in a way as Kevin Durant called out Stephen A. Smith about a story he said about the superstar. He said Smith was lying and the story was made up which did not sit well with Stephen A. The one thing that you do not want to do is call Stephen A. Smith a liar. The video below shows the response Stephen A. Smith gave to Kevin Durant when you piss him off.

I personally like Stephen A. Smith and he is enjoyable to watch and most of the time his stories are spot on. Do I believe him or Kevin Durant? The one thing over the years I have learned about Stephen A. Smith most of the time he is just a guy who tells it like it is. Check the video out and you will see what I am talking about.

October 5

CC Sabathia Checks Into Alcohol Rehab

CC Sabathia has checked himself into alcohol rehab center to deal with the addiction he has with this disease. He will not be able to pitch for the Yankees in the post season. This is something he said he had to do for himself, family, his kids, and teammates. He wanted to be the best father, family man, and teammate he can be, but right now alcohol is taking away from that for him.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes it's hard to admit you have a problem or issue. Ballplayers many times think they can do it on there own, but sometimes that is not the case. We here at Sportsislife applaud Sabathia for taking this step to get his life in order. It is the most important thing right now. It kinda of hurts the Yankees in a way, but you have to do what is right first so you can extend your career. Smart move on CC Sabathia's part in my opinion.

October 5

Jerry Jones Needs To Learn The Cowboys Are Not That Good

Jerry Jones is a guy who does not realize certain things about NFL football and one of those things is when his team is bad he is afraid to admit it. The Cowboys lost Tony Romo and Dez Bryant and toss in DeMarco Murray to free agency they are not the same team. What did Jerry Jones think his backup quarterback was coming in to be a savior. Wake up Jerry Jones this is the NFL he is a backup for a reason. There are many reasons the Dallas Cowboys are not very good and it goes beyond the quarterback.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The running game is patheic at best. Against New Orleans they averaged less then three yards a carry. Now when you do that you put alot of pressure on your quarterback to make plays. If he is not one of the Top ten quarterbacks in the league you really cannot expect alot. Run the ball better and your quarterback naturally will play better because you have more options in the play calling. 

Defensively the Dallas Cowboys are not very good either. When you can't stop the other team and give up massive amounts of yardage it does not matter who is throwing the ball. You could have Tony Romo as quarterback, but if you can't stop people who you beat will be limited as well. Jones needs to fix the glaring weaknesses on his team before he starts passing the blame around to people.

October 5

Heartbreak In Dallas Once Again

​The Dallas Cowboys found another way to lose a football game this time in overtime to the New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees hooked up on a 80 yard pass play to give New Orleans a shocking win over the Dallas Cowboys. This was the second week in a row that the Cowboys lost a game you thought they would win.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

 Since Tony Romo left with injury these are not the same Dallas Cowboys. I will admit I am surprised at how much Tony Romo means to this football team. I never realized it seems he was the glue that held them together. It does not look good for the Cowboys right now.

October 4

Andy Dalton And Bengals Look For Real

The last few years it's always been fun to discount the Cincinnati Bengals and Andy Dalton. Early in the season the Bengals are untouchable, but as the season wears on it seems the Bengals seem to falter. It's a recurring joke, but this season could be much different. The Bengals are again 4-0 with there latest win 36-21 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Let's look at why the Bengals seem different this season compared to recent seasons.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati is lead by Andy Dalton who threw for over 300 yards Sunday and a 127.1 quarterback rating with no sacks or interceptions. When you give Dalton time and he does not turn the ball over it makes it tough to stop this offense. The running game is also doing well as a group. As a group the Bengals ran for over 100 yards and had six receivers catch at least one pass. It seems Cincinnati is spreading the ball around and getting contributions from many sources.

Defensively the Bengals are in the middle of the pack and if this unit improves it could be a long year for its opponents. The Bengals start fast usually, but I see them making this last through the season. With so many players making contributions this Bengals team looks for real.

October 4

AP Top 25 College Football Poll Makes You Wonder

Well the newest College Football poll from the AP is out and it is interesting to say the least. Below I put it up to let you check it out. My commentary will be below the poll.


1 Ohio State(38) 5-0 1444 —

2 TCU(5) 5-0 1371 2

3 Baylor(10) 4-0 1364 2

4 Michigan State 5-0 1291 2

5 Utah(7) 4-0 1254 5

6 Clemson 4-0 1217 6

7 LSU 4-0 1212 2

8 Alabama 4-1 1026 5

9 Texas A&M(1) 5-0 1009 5

10 Oklahoma 4-0 976 5

11 Florida 5-0 935 14

12 Florida State 4-0 922 1

13 Northwestern 5-0 753 3

14 Ole Miss 4-1 731 11

15 Notre Dame 4-1 721 9

16 Stanford 4-1 617 2

17 USC 3-1 498 —

18 Michigan 4-1 452 4

19 Georgia 4-1 441 11

20 UCLA 4-1 415 13

21 Oklahoma State 5-0 332 1

22 Iowa 5-0 254 —

23 California 5-0 233 1

24 Toledo 4-0 87 —

25 Boise State 4-1 65 —

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Looking over the newest poll I have to wonder about it. Now don't understand how Ohio State kept their ranking but they dropped Michigan State to No.4. TCU is now second and Baylor is up to third. Alabama is the only team in the Top 10 with a loss.  Florida made a huge jump and Michigan went up but not like I thought they would. The only loss Michigan has is against No.5 Utah. Let's hear what everyone thinks about the newest AP Poll.

October 4

Who Is The Real No.1 In College Football?

Well we have another week in the books in college football and finding the best team in college football took another hit this past Saturday. Ohio State and Michigan State enter conference play against Indiana and Purdue and both struggled to win their games. Ole Miss got beat down by Florida and TCU put it to Texas by a score of 50-7. So who really should be the No.1 team in the land this week. I would put TCU at one Ohio State at two and Michigan State at three. Yes last week TCU got lucky and won, but they came back and played lights out. Both Michigan State and Ohio State have not been that impressive in my opinion.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama had a huge win this week against an undefeated Georgia team that many people thought was very good. Clemson stopped Notre Dame and UCLA lost as well. There will be a real shakeup in the polls. Knowing the pollsters they will not remove Ohio State or Michigan State they will just move up TCU to three since Ole Miss loss. Don't sleep on Baylor as they keep winning football games and that really is the name of the game at the end of it all.

The bigger leapers this week should be Alabama and a team many people have been sleeping on and that is the Michigan Wolverines who tossed another shutout this time to Maryland. Michigan looks good and is the real deal with Jim Harbaugh at the helm. I bet the Michigan fan base are so happy the way the season has gone so far.

October 4

Will We See Johnny Manziel In San Diego?

Johnny Manziel right now is the backup, but for how long is the real question. Could we see Johnny Football in San Diego this Sunday? I think that it is very possible Johnny could see some action. Earlier this week Johnny Manziel was in the news when a story came out that some players wanted to see him quarterback. Of course the Browns shot down the TMZ rumor but they stand behind their story. According to what there sources were some players said it but did not want there names to be used. Reports like this have to make Browns fans wonder what is going on inside the Browns locker room these days.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

in recent years the Browns have been dysfunctional and it seems that is happening again. When you hear reports like this which could be true or false it does make you wonder sometimes. Even when Mike Holmgren was there he said there was always internal strife around.  It seems that the Browns front office likes that kind of stuff. Ray Farmer is another example of that happening and the question is when will it end.

If Cleveland struggles in San Diego especially on offense I look for the Browns to insert Johnny Manziel. According to the report he brings something special when he is in the lineup. Like him or hate him he did give the Browns there only win of the season. It will be interesting to see if he is inserted in the lineup.

October 4

Alabama Makes Statement In 38-10 Mauling Of Georgia

After Alabama's loss to Ole Miss many things were written about the demise of the Alabama dynasty and how it could be over. I was never one of those people as I know Nick Saban to well. His teams always bounce back well against a loss no matter where it is played and who it is against. Alabama showed there resolve with a 38-10 mauling of Georgia in Athens. It was not close at all. Alabama showed why they are still in the National Championship picture with a big win over another ranked opponent.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia again laid an egg against a ranked team which has been the hallmark of Georgia teams in recent years. It's not that Georgia does not have talent they just never come to play in big games year after year. The loss really hurts Georgia as far as the playoffs are concerned, but they still have a chance for an SEC Championship. Georgia needs to regroup and try to figure out what went wrong, but in the end they played a team that wanted it alot more.

Alabama made a statement to the country and teams in the SEC and that is they are still a force in college football. The playoff committee also probably took notice as well. Beating a team like they did was very impressive on the road. Alabama is still a team that you must keep on your radar as they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

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