95-96 Bulls or 2015-2016 Warriors Which Team Is Better

The closer the Golden State Warriors get to breaking the Chicago Bulls record the more comparisons we will hear about. For me this is a really easy question to answer and many people overlook one player when they make these comparisons. Let us look at which team is better and how one player will make all the difference.

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First thing is both teams are excellent and if they played I think all the games would be close. Many people sight the different rules, players play under now which is true. The one thing that does not change is the effort players must give if they two teams hooked it up. One player would determine the outcome and it is not who many people think it maybe. Names such as Jordan, Pippen, Curry come to mind right away, but none of those will determine the final outcome like this guy would. Many people will disagree with me, but if you look at the bigger picture Dennis Rodman would be the guy who would change the outcome of the series. 

Love him or hate him when Dennis Rodman came to play he was virtually unstoppable when it came to rebounding. The other thing Rodman would do was get under your skin. He could bait other players into making mistakes and committing fouls. The Warriors would struggle to match up with The Worm. It would be interesting to watch, but I have the Bulls beating the Warriors in close games. 

Is RGIII The Answer For The Cleveland Browns?

The Cleveland Browns have went from Johnn​y Manziel to now RGIII, but will the results being any different. I never was a big fan of Johnny Football and thought drafting him was a big mistake. Manziel had to many issues and was just another wasted drafting by the Cleveland Browns. Over The years the Cleveland Browns have had some horrible picks and Manziel was just added to the list of Cleveland failures. Will we need to add RGIII to the list of failures the Cleveland Browns have had in recent years?

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I maybe in the minority, but I like the Browns decision to sign RGIII for a number of reasons. The main reason I like this signing is RGIII should work well with Hue Jackson. The one thing about Hue Jackson If you show him you are willing to listen and do the work he will stand beside you. RGIII needs a coach who believes in him and will have his back and Jackson will do that as well.

Getting a fresh start is very important and the Cleveland fans will be very receptive to RGIII. Cleveland wants to root for a winner and if RGIII can help them do that they will be loyal to the end. I think RGIII will do well in Cleveland as long as he jut plays up to his capabilities. RGIII is a tremendous talent, but must play within himself. If he does all of this he should do well with the Cleveland Browns.

Why Lebron James Needs To leave The Cavaliers Again?

Lebron James came back to win the City of Cleveland a Championship, but it is not looking good right now. Many people feel this could be James last season with the Cavaliers. Could Lebron  James bolt again from the Cavaliers? Let's look at James and why that is a very good possibility.

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The reality of his situation is the Cavaliers are a good team, but they have many holes that James cannot cover up by itself. In Miami he had Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to help him out. In Cleveland he has Kevin Love who has never really found his niche or has been able to fit in. I do not think he ever will either.

Then we have Kyrie Irving as well. A great player, but he seems to have his own agenda and does not fit well with James and others on the team. He is selfish at times and does not seem interested in sacrificing his game to win a championship. The rest of the team is comprised of role players that other teams really did not want. With all things considered James has a easy decision the second time around.

Yes it will be hard for James to leave again, but if he wants to accomplish his goals he must do that. James has not been able to recruit players to come to Cleveland and I do not look for that to change anytime soon. King James wants to be considered the best and unless he wins six championships that will not be possible.

College Basketball Tournament Has Been Turned Upside Down

​I filled out my Tournament bracket and I felt real good about it, but after the games commenced I could see I was in very deep water with my picks. Now who would have thought Yale had a good basketball team or that Michigan State would bow out so early. I guess this goes to show you when it's one and done any thing is possible. This is why I love March Madness as it gives any team a chance for a upset. On Thursday and Friday that is exactly what happen. I bet Las Vegas was happy to see the Spartans fall as alot was bet on them to win it all. It's tough to beat Vegas no matter what anyone tells you. What can we expect from rest of the tournament?

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This could be one of the most entertaining tournaments in a long while. I really do not think any team is safe anymore. When you are just playing one game anyone can be beat. This is part of the tournament I really like. You must bring your A game every day or you will find yourself sitting home wondering what happened to you. NCAA College Basketball gets better every year, but this year it is really wide open. We could see a team that no one could predicted in the Final Four. I guess it is the nature of the beach this season.

Is Johnny Football Done In The NFL?

​Yesterday, the Cleveland Browns released Johnny Manziel which was widely expected. Johnny did release a statement thanking the fans, management and his teammates for the chance to play. Is Johnny Football going to get another chance to pay in the NFL or is he done as a player in the NFL. Let's look at what Johnny Manziel has to look forward towards if he want's to still try and play football in the NFL.

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There maybe a team that gives him a chance to play again as a backup for the immediate future. Johnny will have to prove he wants play football and not party all the time. Until he shows he wants to be a football player and not a party animal he is stuck without a team. I guess Johnny can always try the CFL or another miner league that may give him a shot.

The Cleveland Browns did everything they could do to make him a success, but he is not ready to be a player just yet. It looks like he is more concerned with partying them having a career. It's a sad situation as he is a talented young man who does not have his life together just yet. Hopefully in the future he will get a chance, but it does not look good. Unless he is wiling to do the right things I doubt we will ever see Johnny Manziel again.