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Where Will Kevin Durant End Up At?

Without a doubt Kevin Durant is the biggest chip in pending free agency. Where will he go is the million dollar question? Many trains of thought are going around on this subject. I am going to give my thoughts on where I see Kevin Durant ending up at. 

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Many people have various opinions on his final destination and I am no exception. The Lakers are a team searching for a superstar, but I do not see Durant embracing all the pressure it takes to be a Laker. I think Los Angeles is off the list in my opinion.

Golden State is another team that has been mentioned as well. Can you imagine him joining Golden State with the talent they have right now. They sure would be tough to beat. Kevin wants to help a team win a Championship, but since they have already won one it would diminish his contribution. It's the same way with the Spurs as they are getting older, but his accomplishments on that team would not mean as much as it would on other teams.

The Knicks have an outside shot along with Miami, so I think we can mark both of those teams off the list. Wade and Durant together would make a real interesting team with Bosh, but do not look for it. Is there a dark horse in the Durant sweepstakes? I really don't think there happens to be one.

Kevin Durant in my opinion resigns with the Thunder for two years and an opt-out after one. One of the main reasons I think he will do this is he can become a free agent again and garner more money. Look for Durant to stay with the Thunder at least one more year.

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Could The Browns Be The Next Champion In Believeland

​Lebron James was finally able to bring a championship to Cleveland, but how far away are the Cleveland Browns. Could they be the next champion from believeland? Today we will look at the Browns and how far away are they from contender status. Do they have any chance in the near future or are they doomed for a number more years?

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The main problem with the Cleveland Browns there is a culture of losing that has taken place for a very long time. Breaking this cycle is tough unless you get a player like a Lebron James. The Browns really have no franchise player they can hang there hat on and that is a deep problem they must fix. A quarterback is usually your franchise player, but the Browns have no one even close to that level. Unless this changes the Browns will continue to struggle to bring a championship in football to Cleveland.

One good thing for the Browns they finally have a good coach that will not let players have a pass. The one problem that the Browns have had is accountability. Players do not want to go that extra mile. Hue Jackson will make sure they will or they will not be a Browns player for long. How many more years will Browns fans have to wait? If the Browns give Hue Jackson a chance I think the Browns could make a run in the next ten years, but they can't keep making changes  at the coaching position.

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We Are Not Worthy King James

​​I will admit over the years I have been very hard on King James and his play in various series. Now after watching the NBA Finals I must admit I have been very wrong about King James. Sometimes you have to admit when you are wrong and this time I happened to be. Here is a list of things I was wrong about when it comes to King James.

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1. He has lost a step or two. It seems to me he lost his abilty to be an elite defender, but cannot say that after this series. I really thought he was slowing down, but I was wrong. His defense was great in the series and his effort on the defensive end especially on breakaways by the other team was just amazing.

2. James showed he can knock down outside shots when needed. I took that for granted as I did not think he outside shot was that great. He has worked on his game the last two years and it has really showed in this years NBA Finals.

3. Effort, effort, effort, is something that James does better then anyone these days. You know he will give max effort night after night no matter what team he is playing against.

4. He is a winner! If anyone doubted him do not do that anymore. He showed he still has it and knows how to win. I must tip my hat to King James as he is once again on his throne and right so as he earned it. This is still King James league until he decides to leave it.

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