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22 Aug

Has The Cavaliers Become The Darth Vader Of The NBA Now?

Now that Lebron James has made his return to Cleveland are the Cavaliers becoming the Darth Vader of the NBA. When James went to Miami he was hated for surrounding himself with good players and spurning the Cleveland Cavaliers. Will the same scenario play out in Cleveland? It very could and here is why.

Yes, James is loved in Cleveland, but around the league I cannot imagine this will sit well. Players just joining the Cavaliers because they think they can win a championship. This just fuels resentment from other teams, fans, and the public in general. Remember when Lebron was going to win not 4, not 5, not 6 okay we know the story Lebron.

Cleveland is slowly becoming the Darth Vader of the NBA. Being hated isn't always a bad thing if you win. The Oakland Raiders are a prime example, but they have not won in a long time. Ask their fans how enjoyable it is to lose season after season. If James wins another championship it will be interesting to see how he is perceived. Will he be loved or marked as Darth Vader forever.

6 Aug

Did Lebron James Making A Good Move Losing The Weight?

Lebron James decided in the off-season to cut out carbs to lose some weight he has added over the years, but was this really a good idea. People around James have indicated  that he has lost 10-12 lbs since the season ended. James listed playing weight was 250, but it has been reported he has been as high as 270. Is losing the weight a good thing for Lebron? For James he is not getting any younger and his body has logged over 40,000 minutes which is a lot. It could be James wants to be in the best possible shape, but losing the weight may not be the best idea.

Many people have different takes on why he is doing this new diet, but I think it could backfire for James. These days basketball has become a physical game and during a NBA season your body does take a pounding. Yes this could make James quicker, but in reality I think it could hurt his game as well.

James was known as a guy who could have his way down low because of his size. He will lose some of that by trimming down. James will still be the best player on the planet, but trimming down could do more harm then good in my opinion.

6 Aug

Can Michael Jordan Play At Age 51?

As we age we slow down a little bit it seems, but one guy still shows he maybe could play even if it was in limited time and that would be Michael Jordan. Many people regard him as the greatest ever and for good reasons. Even some players in the NBA think he could probably still be productive at his age. Jordan was running his camps when he showcased he still has a jump shot by hitting eleven shots in a row from various spots on the floor.

He has already proven he can dunk at 50 which some people thought he could not. Michael Jordan has a great mind for the game and probably would do decent in a comeback. When posed the question if he could beat anyone right now in one on one Jordan said of course except Kobe Bryant. Why couldn't he beat Kobe? He simply said Kobe copied all his moves so he would be playing against himself.

People can say what they want about Michael Jordan, but the bottom line he will go down as the greatest. Many former players could not come close to hitting 11 shots in a row or dunk it at 50. Then again we are talking about Michael Jordan, so nothing should surprise us anymore.

3 Aug

Dwayne Wade MVP Favorite?

Okay most people are probably thinking what in the hell are you thinking. Durant, Bryant, James Westbrook and Dirk are a few of the names that come to mind before Dwayne Wade.  Why do I think Wade will be MVP it's actually pretty simple. Let's look at why I think this could very well be one of Wade's best seasons ever.

The last few years Dwayne Wade has taken a backseat to let his teammates come to the forefront. This does not mean Wade did not want to it was him being a team player. Yes, he has been injured, but he should be pretty healthy going into this season. Wade also will have a chip on his shoulder. Most people think that Lebron James was the only reason the Heat won their championships.

Dwayne Wade has something to prove and this coming season I expect him to be a standout. With James gone he can be the man once again. Look for Dwayne Wade to have a MVP season. If he does the Heat could head back to the NBA Finals.

2 Aug

What Do The Pacers Do Now Without Paul George?

The Indiana Pacers could have never imagined this would happen to one of their players, but it has. Paul George will be lost for around 12 months and this is a big blow to the Pacers. Indiana must regroup, but what direction do they go. Should they look for another player, or stick with what they have and try to make it through the season. Knowing Larry Bird he probably will try and make a move, but I do not know what he can do to help the Pacers. Losing Paul George is huge and hard to replace.

Indiana will have to look deep inside themselves and pull together as a unit. If I was Bird I would stay with what I got and just hope for the best. Unless some kind of great deal comes along players like C.J. Watson and others will need to step up. If they do not it could be a very long season for the Indiana Pacers and all their fans.

1 Aug

What Has Happened To America's Pastime I Don't Remember You Anymore

Baseball for so many years was labeled America's pastime, but I fear that may not be the case anymore. Growing up I remember going to the ballpark every week enjoying the game with my family. There was specials all the time, so it was very affordable, but that is not the case anymore. I played little league growing up and one day I wanted to be just like my idols. It never happened, but hey kids are allowed to dream.

The baseball I see today do not even look like the sport I loved growing up as a kid. We have steroids, cheating and all kinds of things going on. It's not about the fans anymore it's all about money and that is sad. There was a time where kids could go to the ballpark and eat hotdogs with their families and try to get a foul ball in their glove along with some autographs.

Where has real baseball gone? Soccer, football, and basketball have taken over for baseball it seems. Little league is getting less players and leagues are vanishing quickly. I fear the sport I love is dying a slow death and my grandson will miss out on all the fun baseball was for me growing up. Hopefully, people will see what the game has become and give it back to the fans. I know that will not happen, but I can dream just like I did about being in the Major Leagues.

1 Aug

Pitching Wins Championships Or Does It

If you talk to many different people they will tell you pitching wins Championships and that is true to a certain extend. With Oakland and Detroit making some upgrades to their staffs you would think they are in the drivers seat to the World Series, but not so fast. Let's take a look inside the numbers and see what they mean.

Last season the Boston Red Sox team ERA in 2013 was only good enough for 14 out of 30 teams. The St. Louis Cardinals was much better as they ranked 5th out of 30 teams. The real key to the numbers is in the playoffs. Boston and St. Louis both ranked one and two in the playoffs. That is they key as you want pitchers that can handle the pressure and win the big games when you need them.

In the end pitching helps win championships, but it's usually the team playing the best that wins it. That is why it is so important to play well down the stretch.

31 Jul

First Pre-Season College Football Is Upon Us

The Pre-Season Coaches Poll has been released and it should not come as a shock that Florida State is ranked No.1.

Alabama comes in 2nd and Oklahoma is 3rd. Oregon is 4th and last years runner up Auburn is 5th. The Ohio State Buckeyes come in 6th. Looking down the list Notre Dame is ranked 17th and my beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers are rated 22nd.

Florida, Missouri, and Michigan are out of the Top 25. This is a early poll, so we should see a lot of movement once the season gets rolling along.

1. Flordia State
2. Alabama
4. Oregon
5. Auburn
6. Ohio State

31 Jul

Will Miami Be Better Without Lebron James?

The truth is the Miami Heat wanted Lebron James to come back, but since that did not happen they have moved on and will still be a force. The real question is will Miami be better without Lebron James. I'm on the thinking they could be a very good team. I do not know about better, but maybe more of a complete team. Let us look at Miami and see why this should be possible.

When Lebron James was with the Heat players such as Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade would defer to James. In other words they would give up some of their game for the betterment of the team. With James back in Cleveland they will now be able to play there game and that should make them a more complete team this year. Wade has to stay healthy and Bosh will need to step up. The Heat added some great role players, so we shall see how life is without King James.

The one thing we know about Pat Riley he will get the players to be competitive and right now his 2014-2015 squad looks pretty good. By the way Cleveland and Miami play on Christmas Day that should be a great present for NBA fans to watch.

30 Jul

How You Spend Your Money Key To MLB Success

Does your MLB team struggle year after year? It could be they are not spending money the right way. For years the Yankees and others won by spending the most money on players. That formula just does not work well in the system we have right now. In fact watching what you spend really is the key. Take the Oakland A's who will probably win there division again. There payroll comes in at 25th out of 30 teams.  Tampa Bay payroll is even less then Oakland and they compete in the tough American League East. Why do some teams spend better than others?

Oakland is the model of consistency and the way they do is through good trades, farm system and not overpaying for players. Teams such as New York keep playing there stars long after they are productive. Even the St. Louis Cardinals knew Albert Pujols  wasn't worth the money at his age. These days if you want to win consistently you just cannot overpay. If you overpay your team is going to struggle.

Teams like the Yankees and the Mets have made bad business decisions and that have hurt their teams. Controlled spending is what will keep you a consistent winner. Take the Oakland A's model and follow it and you will win. You might not win the World Series right away, but if you do not make the playoffs you can never see a World Series.