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Nebraska Loses To Iowa As Mike Riley Makes Some Bad Decisions

November 28, 2015

Mike Riley continues to show people why he was not the right choice for Nebraska. The Cornhuskers played undefeated Iowa and had chances to be in the game to the end, but bad decisions by the coaching staff did not help Nebraska. It’s true the players made some bad plays, but in the end it’s the coaches whom call the plays. Let’s look at another disappointing loss by the Cornhuskers.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Tommy Armstrong threw four interceptions and that did not help the cause at all. He needs to make much better decisions and that starts with better play calling. You just cannot call plays that don’t utilize Armstrong’s talent and that is what happen in this game. Stanley Morgan Jr seems like a guy that has a bright future for the Cornhuskers.

Play calling though was horrible. When you have fourth and one years to go a fade in the end zone was not the proper call. Armstrong has speed we need to use his running ability more, but the coaching staff does not seem to want to go that route.

The Iowa loss is just like most of the losses this season under Riley bad coaching and poor decisions. I was disappointed all season in some of Riley’s decisions. I hope Nebraska only gives him one more season to get it together. If another season like this appears it’s tome to show him the door. This season was a total embarrassment and most likely no bowl game either. Nebraska Cornhuskers fans deserve a lot better than this.

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College Football Playoffs Still Could Get Real Messy

November 22, 2015

​With two weeks left for some college football teams positions could still change a lot, but this coming weekend will tell us alot about how things may play out. Notre Dame has a tough game at Stanford and with a win they should get in. It will be tough to keep them out with the only loss being to Clemson. Now if Clemson loses and games before selection day it could hurt the Fighting Irish. Iowa is another team that are not out of the woods either. This week Iowa travels to Nebraska and must play a Cornhuskers squad that wants a bowl game berth and to end Iowa's perfect season.  If Iowa happens to lose to Nebraska this really hurts Michigan State and the Big Ten.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Then we have the Big 12 which is always a mess and this year is no exception. If Oklahoma wins their final game against Oklahoma State they have a legitimate shot at making the college football playoffs. A loss by Iowa would really help out Oklahoma that's for sure. Baylor still has an outside shot, but will need alot of help. Maybe the one team no one is talking about is North Carolina who maybe playing the best in college football. They have won a bunch of games in a row and could upset Clemson which would send this whole thing into chaos.

This season there  are many teams that have a good shot at the college football playoffs. The playoff committee will have a tough decision in a few weeks and they are going to piss someone off. I just hope they make good decisions when they choose teams and not make a decision based on conference affiliations. It would be a shame to leave out a team that really deserves to be in.

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The Fallout From The Ohio State Buckeyes Loss Is Getting Bad

November 22, 2015

​Now when you win as a team you are suppose to lose as a team which is how it's suppose to go. Ezekiel  Elliott must not have gotten the memo as he ripped into some of the play calling in the loss to the Spartans. Elliott could have a beef as he only carried the ball 11 times in the game, but you never air it out in the public forum. If you have a beef you always keep it in house as it never looks good to air out grievances. Yes Elliott should have carried the ball more, but as a whole the Buckeyes offense did not look good at all. The defense did not do anything when it counted either, so this was a team loss nothing more or less.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State on reality has had a pretty soft schedule this season and it showed up on Saturday. Yes, they had some close games and maybe should not have been ranked as high as they were. This comes many times from being National Champion and defending your title.  Many times you are given the benefit of the doubt just like Florida State was last season. I'm sure we will here about this more in the coming days from players, fans, and coaches about what went wrong. Against Michigan State the Buckeyes did not play well and that is the bottom line.

Will this loss carry over to the Michigan game next week? It could and if that happens you will see more players speak up and it could get ugly. I hope that does not happen, but Buckeye Nation are not use to losing games since Urban Meyer took over. It's the nature of the beast, but the Buckeyes will be back, but this will not be there year to be National Champions. The loss did open the door to alot of teams who are smiling this morning.

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Ohio State vs Michigan State Preview: This Could Be A Wild One

November 21, 2015

​Ohio State and Michigan State both have alot on the line when they meet in Ohio Saturday. For Ohio State it is about respect and it gives them the ability to show what they can do against a good team, and it also gives them a chance to impress the coll​ege football playoff committee as well. A win helps the Ohio State Buckeyes inch closer to another Big Ten Championship. Michigan State also has alot to play for as well in this game. They can still make the Big Ten Championship Game by winning out and they know that right now. Even though they have an outside shot at the college football playoffs this win would be huge for them. Lets look at how this game should breakdown and who we see coming out on top.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

There are several things Michigan State must do to win this game and it starts with defense. Ohio State has alot of great players and keeping the game close will be up to Michigan State's defense. The front four for the Spartans are pretty good, but the secondary has holes. This is why it will be very important for Sparty to get pressure on J.T. Barrett. On offense the Spartans know quarterback Connor Cook will keep them in the game, but they need a running game to help Cook out. If they cannot run the ball it will make it tough on Cook and the Spartans.

Ohio Sate knows that emotions will be riding high in this game and will need to protect the ball against the Spartans. The Buckeyes quarterback J.t. Barrett must make smart decisions with the ball and not turn it over. On defense the Buckeyes must stop the run and force Connor Cook to become one dimensional which will help the Buckeyes defense out. Ohio State will have the home crowd as well, but in big games I do not think it's as big as a factor as it was years ago.

My prediction is Buckeyes 34 Spartans 31. I just think the Buckeyes will do enough to win this game and roll into Michigan with the playoffs still in site.

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Who Were The Big Winners And Losers In College Football On Saturday

November 15, 2015

It seems every week in college football we have upsets and this week was no different. Teams we thought should win did not and some we thought were down and out have made this season very interesting. Today, we will take a look at some of the winners and losers this week in college football.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Utah, Stanford, Baylor, LSU were all losers this weekend which helped a lot of teams that were looking for some help. Who is the team that benefited the most from all of this was Michigan State. After losing to Nebraska it looked like they were dead and gone, but no they have a second chance. If Sparty can beat Ohio State and win that half of the division and beat an undefeated Iowa team they have a good shot. They would be Big Ten Champions with just one loss they have a shot at the playoffs. Another big winner this week was Oklahoma who controls their own destiny. They still have an undefeated Oklahoma State to play, so they could sneak into the playoff equation as well.

In my opinion the biggest loser has to be the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Stanford lost which is really the last chance for Notre Dame to impress the committee. They still can with a big win over the Cardinals, but some of the luster has been taken off that matchup. We still have some college football left to play, so let’s see what next week brings.

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Lawrence Phillips A Lost Talent Forever

November 12, 2015

​Lawrence Phillips had so much talent, but he could never stop from getting in trouble off the field and focus on his life. Phillips was a very talented high school player that caught the eye of the Cornhuskers. Once he got to Nebraska he worked his way up as a player and ended his career with over 3,000 yards rushing in three years.

You would think with all the success on the field of play it would be enough to keep Phillips out of trouble. It wasn't as he got in trouble a number of times. Phillips would turn pro after his junior year, but more troubled followed him. He was moody and struggled to get along with teammates. As a pro Phillips rushed for over 1,400 yards. His career was short lived as he could not get along with coaches and was out of football.

After football Phillips got into trouble for trying to run down some teenagers and was sent to prison.  In April 2015 he killed his cellmate and is looking at a murder charge. The real question is how has Lawrence Phillips  went from college star to muderer. Many times people make bad choices and Phillips has made many of them. No one really knows what has turned Phillips into what he is today. The one thing we do know his talented  was wasted as he could have done many good things on and off the field. Right now all he has is the memories  of what could have been.

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Someone Is Going To Get Screwed In The College Football Playoff Selection This Year

November 12, 2015

We went to the College Football Playoff system hoping it would eliminate the problem of teams being excluded that should have been in the hunt for a Championship. This season we could see some very pissed off football teams and fans. In the system we have in place only four teams make it from the so called Power Five conferences, but the committee does look at everyone. Let's look at some possible scenarios that we could encounter going into this as we enter the home stretch.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson it looks like has the easiest road and as long as they continue to win they will be your No.1 seed without a doubt. After that it becomes very tricky to say the least. Right now Alabama sits at No.2 and as long as they win out they will stay at that position if they lose though it could be some kind of race for the final three spots.

Ohio State is at No.3 and if they win out they should take that spot. At No.4 is Notre Dame and a host of others looking to get that spot. If Ohio State loses the Big Ten Championship to Iowa who is undefeated will Iowa jump into the mix. Can the committee keep out an undefeated team that only has one marquee win? It is possible, but maybe not likely. Then toss in Baylor and Oklahoma State two more unbeatens who play each other. The Big 12 will have a strong case if they have an undefeated team to be included. This means we have to eliminate someone.

Notre Dame could be the odd man out, but there only loss is on the road to Clemson the No.1 team. You can see the path I'm going down if we have three or four one loss teams for that final spot it could get real tricky. I am glad we just have to watch because the committee this year is going to make one team very mad hopefully it will not be yours.

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Norte Dame Could Find Themselves On The Outside Looking In On Playoff Chances

November 09, 2015

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Notre Dame has fought through adversity this season to become a very good college football team, but that may still not be enough to get them into the college football playoffs. This season’s college football playoffs have many teams that are trying to get one of those four spots. Let’s look at why Notre Dame could find themselves on the outside looking in no matter how well they play down the stretch.

The first thing people should remember if Notre Dame wins out there only blemish will be against the current No.1 Clemson team. You would think that would get them in, but it may not. Alabama, Ohio State, and Baylor or Oklahoma State could stop them from getting into the playoffs. The one thing that is playing against the Irish right now is the chance there could be three undefeated teams. It is possible Ohio State, Oklahoma State or Baylor could run the table along with Clemson. This means the only chance would be for one of those teams to lose or Alabama.

I personally think Notre Dame could be the best team in college football. The problem is unless someone above them loses they may not get to prove it. This is one of the major problems in the college football playoff system. Determining whom has the toughest schedule can be tough. In the end it comes to an opinion of a committee and whom they like or dislike. It’s a shame we have come to this, but it looks like Notre Dame could be left out and that would be sad.

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Mike Riley Silence Critics With Win Over Michigan State

November 08, 2015

Did we finally see a glimpse of the future of Nebraska football in the win over Michigan State? Yes, Nebraska finally beat a ranked team and it may not have been a pretty win, but a win is a win. There was good things I seen in this win and also a lot of work to do as well. Let's look at this big win and what it means to Nebraska football.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports
One of the first things we did learn is love him or hate him

the players have not given up on Mike Riley or what he is trying to accomplish

with the program. I have been hard on Riley, but maybe I will need to take a

step back and look at what he is doing with the program.

Another thing we learned from Nebraska's win was the Blackshirts defense was horrible. The secondary is decent, but they are only as good as the pressure you get on the opposing quarterback. Nebraska let Connor Cook have too much time to throw and you just cannot do that and expect to win. Improvement has to happen or Nebraska will be in shootouts every week.

Tommy Armstrong Jr is the life and soul of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. After a week off Armstrong showed how important he is to the team. Without him I really do not seeing Nebraska being close in this game. The running game was not great, and Nebraska asks a lot from Armstrong, but he performed well. Yes, he made some mistakes, but without him they lose.

In the end, Nebraska finally got the break of a call, but they did fight back through the whole game. Give Coach Riley and the rest of his staff credit as they still have Nebraska playing hard. With the bad luck this team has had they could have folded the tent at any time, but they have not. Even though Riley was not my choice for coach he has kept the team together playing hard. Let's see what they do moving forward from this game before I give another opinion on Riley.

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Why The Cleveland Browns Continue To Lose

November 06, 2015

The Cleveland Browns are a franchise that has a rabid fan base, but the performance on the field has been pathetic at best. They are not improving, but digressing in the last few years. There are many problems with the Cleveland Browns and we will highlight just a few of them. It would take us many pages to discuss all the Browns problems right now.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Can someone in Cleveland learn how to draft players in the near future? In recent years the Browns stockpiled draft picks only to pick players whom have not performed well at all. One of the backbones of a franchise is drafting quality players to help make your team better. It seems the Cleveland Browns do not believe in that philosophy. They draft bust after bust and they wonder why they struggled to win games. Until the Cleveland Browns learn how to draft quality players they will never build a winning franchise. Quality players do not have to be all-pros, but someone that can contribute on a weekly basis would be nice.

The Browns have not done a good job of picking coaches either and that has led to their downfall as well. All the men they have hired recently have been good guys, but not the kind of coach the Browns need. When you continue to hire average or below average coaches you will get teams that are not very good at all. If Cleveland wants to win again they must spend the money for a quality coach and it looks like they have no plans to do that right now.

Can the Browns be fixed? The reality of it is that the Browns must change their philosophy, and I do not see that happening anytime soon. Players do not want to come to Cleveland with the atmosphere that surround the team. The only person who can change that is the owner and he does not seem to want to do that anytime soon. Once players see he is serious about bringing a winner to Cleveland they will come. It starts with a capable coach and GM and until the Browns do that they will continue to be losers.

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