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December 14

Johnny Manziel Stunk It Up In First Start

Johnny Manziel got his first NFL start and Johnny football stunk it up. He connected on 10 of 18 for 80 yards, but in reality was just plain horrible. He made alot of rookie mistakes, but I will defend him still the same. The way the Bengals defense was playing today not to many quarterbacks would have seen success against them.  Johnny Manziel did not get much help from his teammates as well. When you start a rookie you need the offensive line and others to step up, The Browns defense was also a no-show was well. This just help to contribute to a horrible day for Johnny Manziel.

Even though Johnny Manziel stunk it up he will still start next week. It looks like the Cleveland Browns are intent on giving him the starting job the last two weeks as well. It's up to Johnny Football to make use of the opportunity he has right now. Johnny Manziel must play better, but he has to make smarter decisions. If he does not he could find himself back on the bench for an extended period of time.

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December 13

Can The Cowboys Pay The Eagles Back In Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Eagles came into Dallas and dominated them from start to finish.  I have not seen the Dallas Cowboys dominated like that in a long time. Can Dallas return the favor in Philadelphia? Many Dallas Cowboys players are looking forward to the rematch including Dez Bryant. Mr. Bryant was not happy about the Cowboys performance and cannot wait to play the Eagles Sunday. After all the talking is done will the Cowboys make a statement or not.

Dallas must come prepared to play when they tangle with the Eagles this time around. Dez Bryant, Tony Romo, and DeMarco Murray must play well for them to have any chance at all. The offensive line must also block better as well. There were to many plays that the Eagles got penetration and blew up the play. Defensively, the Cowboys must slow down the Eagles as well. If they do not it will be another long game for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans as well. Dallas can beat Philadelphia, but they have to play well if they want the win.

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December 13

Is Jameis Winston A NFL Quality Quarterback?

No matter if you love him or hate him Jameis Winston will get drafted by someone in the NFL. Is Jameis Winston a good NFL prospect? Now looking at what he brings to the table he is a good backup quarterback, but no starting quarterback in my opinion. This does not mean I don't think he can play in the NFL, he will just have to make a position change unless he is happy with a backup role. I see Winston as a good h-back or slot receiver just not a starting quarterback. He reminds me a little like Charlie Ward who did not have the most productive NFL career. He should take a page from Denard Robinson who has had a productive 2014 season in the NFL.  Be willing to change and learn a new position is a good idea for Winston.

With this all said I would not be shocked if he did become a starting quarterback in the league either, but it has to be the right fit. There are many college quarterbacks who struggle in the NFL because they are not in the right system. May times, when you draft a quarterback you have to make sure there talents will fit into your system. If you do not your wasting your pick. There are countless college quarterbacks that did not get it done in the NFL. It is much different then college and players must realize this if they want to succeed.

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December 12

Does Florida State Really Have A Chance To Repeat?

Everyday I read story after story about how Oregon and Alabama will be playing for the College Football National Championship. Now that is well and good, but maybe Ohio State and especially Florida State may have something to say about it. I will admit the Oregon Ducks do look very impressive and Florida State are underdogs, but I am not ready to write on Jameis Winston and his fellow Florida State Seminoles. It seems I have tried to do that all year long and they just win game after game in fact 29 in a row to be exact.

No one is going to slow Oregon down, but Florida State is built to beat the Ducks. The one way to beat the Ducks is slow the game down and eat up the clock. Jameis Winston knows how to do that very well. He knows what his team is capable of and he does it very well. If they need to score quickly he can do that, but if it's a ball control touchdown you need he can do that as well. Do not underestimate how good Florida State happens to be. They have proven over time they can play with anyone in the country.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

December 12

What Has Happen To The Baseball Game I Knew As A Kid?

I will admit as a kid baseball was my favorite sport as I would sit for hours in my room listening to the radio play by play. It was so much fun trying to guess what my favorite player would do. Collecting baseball cards was a hobby of mine and having all the players from my favorite team was fun. Fast forward today and so many things have changed. Besides things costing so much more it seems the fun has been taken out of baseball. No longer can you follow your favorite players as after a few years they are traded away or want more money to play somewhere else.

Baseball's popularity continues decline as people look for cheaper options to do with there time. The one thing baseball did have going for it was the loyal following, but once free agency hit and players could go anywhere it all changed. Baseball will never be the same and the sad part kids growing up playing t-ball or baseball in their backyard are getting robbed of something special. Players no longer stay with the same team and a bond can never be formed. Baseball needs to get back to their roots, but we all no now that is impossible.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

December 12

Can Johnny Manziel Live Up To he Hype?

Johnny Manziel will get his first official NFL start this Sunday and it should be interesting to say the least. Most people think that Johnny Manziel will struggle in his first start and I will agree with that as well. Can Johnny Manziel live up to the hype? The one thing we will learn about Johnny Manziel's first start is how will he handle the ups and downs of starting.  Opposing teams will be getting on him about almost everything possible. This means he will need to hold his cool and play through it. If he let's teams get to him or mess with his head he will struggle to win games.

Hype is something that is hard to live up to especially if you did well in college. Johnny Manziel of course did himself no favors by acting the way he has in his first season. Players tend to get on you when they think you are acting above others. The perception of Johnny Manziel is he thinks he is special and can do whatever he wants. This does not sit well with alot of people in the NFL. When players get a chance to sack him or make fun of him they will. He will need to earn his stripes if he wants respect from his fellow players.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Now the one way to get over the hype and win over people is win games. Johnny Manziel can change the perception people have of him by winning games and showing others he is just like them. Until he does this the hype will follow him and the bad feelings will follow as well. 

December 11

Yep I'm Defending Jameis Winston As Weird As That Sounds

Now if anyone has ever read my blog they have heard how hard I have been on Jameis Winston. Now most of the time he deserves some of the bad press he gets, but now I find myself defending him. I know it sounds weird that I would be defending him now.  Now the first area where I will defend him is the Heisman snub that he was given. Like him or hate him he deserves to be invited to the party even though he is not going to win it. That snub was something that I do not think was very fair, but that is something that will probably just fuel him even more.

The second thing that I find myself defending him is his play on the field. Many people lately have called him a good quarterback, but not a great one. Now I do take exception to that one. He has  not loss a game in some time, so that should show you his greatness. Many times Winston could have folded when he made mistakes and his team struggled, but he found ways to get his team the win. This is the mark of greatness and he deserves credit for that. I will defend him when he does right and not defend him when he messes up. Jameis Winston on the football field is one of the best.

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December 10

Magic Johnson Hopes The Lakers Lose Every Game

Magic Johnson the beloved  Laker has hinted he would like to see the Los Angeles Lakers lose every game possible, so they can get a high draft pick. That is something that I do not agree with at all. I have been on some very bad teams in my playing days, but tanking is something that I would never do. Magic Johnson is a guy I have alot of respect, but I do not agree with losing every game. The one thing that happens when you start tanking you get a mindset of losing and that is not a good thing at all.

After reading Magic's comments I wonder what Kobe Bryant's take is on tanking. I find it hard to believe that he would tank and not try and win games. Kobe is a competitor and wants to win very badly. To end his career as being part of a team that is tanking would be hard to believe. It will be interesting to see how Kobe responds to this, but losing as often as you can is not in his blood. Only time will tell if the Lakers will tank this season, but they are off to a horrible start.

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December 9

John Wall Proves He's A Winner On And Off The Court

When John Wall came out of Kentucky many had differing opinions about him. Some opinions were favorable, but some were not. Yesterday, John Wall proved his compassion for people and how life is more important then basketball. Wall befriended a eight year old girl named Miyah Telemaque-Nelson who was dying from cancer. He would write her name on his sneakers, and sadly she passed away yesterday. It was a very emotional time for Wall as him and that little girl formed a strong friendship. Wall dedicated last night game to her  with a 26 point 17 assist effort in the win.

Many times, you meet someone that touches your life and that is what Miyah did for John Wall. People sometimes say athletes do not care, but John Wall is proof positive alot of them do. Rest in peace Miyah Telemaque-Nelson your in a better place and your friend John Wall misses you.

December 9

Johnny Manziel Will Get His Chance As A Starter

The Cleveland Browns have decided to make a change at quarterback and go with Johnny Manziel at quarterback. Now the one thing Manziel will give the Browns is a spark, but will it be enough for a win. I seriously doubt that starting Johnny Manziel will make a big difference. It will fill the stadium and make for some exciting football, but getting more wins it may not do anything. The Cleveland Browns have more issues then just the quarterback position.

The Cleveland Browns are a good defensive team, but on offense they have real issues. Injuries have slowed the offense and they have running back by committee. Josh Gordon has come back, but has yet to show the flashes the Browns have hoped for  from last season. In fact, Gordon admits he does not know the playbook like he should. All this means is Johnny Manziel will have to do alot of improvising if he hopes to get the Browns a win this week. A loss against Cincinnati this week could end the Cleveland Browns thin playoff hopes.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

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