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The Warriors A Team Of Destiny?

​All season long I was hoping that the Golden State Warriors would stumble, but every time they make me look like a fool. I never thought they would come close to the Chicago Bulls 70 win season then they beat it. When Stephen Curry when down for a few playoff games I figured that would be their demise. It did not happen they just continued to win. 

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When Oklahoma City had them down 3-1 I thought I would g
et to gloat, but as like all season long these Warriors find a way to win games. Much to my dismay when you count these guys down and out they seem to play some great games. They are just one win away from a trip to the NBA Finals once again to play the Cleveland Cavaliers for a chance for back to back championships.

You have to give these Warriors credit and I am starting to think they are a team of destiny. At every turn it seems good fortune shines upon them. I am not betting against them at home as they play well in their arena. No matter how much I hate it the Warriors are a team of destiny and they are also supper talented as well.

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Are The Cleveland Browns Jinxed?

​It amazes me that people think a team or a city is jinxed because they have not won a major championship in a very long time. ​ Take the Cleveland Browns for example as they have the reputation of being long time losers. The reality there goes alot into a long losing streak or being perennial losers. Let's take a look at the Browns and why they continue to be losers in many people's eyes.

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One of the biggest mistakes the Browns have made year after year is in the draft. Players they drafted over the years from Mike Junkin to Johnny Manziel have not been good. Now I will admit not every player selected by the Browns was horrible, but a good 80 percent were wasted picks.

Another area the Browns have been just plain horrible in is choosing head coaches. Over the last few years the coaches chosen were just inadequate. Many really did not deserve to be head coaches in the league just yet. In fact not too many of those coaches were given head coaching jobs anywhere else.

Lastly, management ignores good advice from quality people. When the Browns do hire good front office people it seems management ignores them. When you combine these things together it is a recipe for losing. If you do not believe me just look at the Cleveland Browns.

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Can Toronto Even The Series Against The Cavaliers Monday Night

Everyone had Toronto left for dead in this series, but not so fast. The Raptors showed that when their backs are against the wall, they do have a lot of fight left in them. The real question is can the Raptors even the series Monday Night and make the series go seven games. Will the Cavaliers struggle again or will they come out and grab command of the series once again? Let's take a look at Game 4 and what we can expect from it from both sides.

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Toronto will hope to repeat their success by being aggressive and taking the fight to the Cavaliers. The Raptors need to shoot well and to continue to push and rebound like they did in Game 3. The Cavaliers are hoping Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving shoot much better in Game 4 or they could find themselves in another dogfight in Toronto. Lebron James could be the wild card in all of this as Coach Lue will run more offensive plays for him in Game 4.

I like the Raptors and what they accomplished in Game 3, but the reality is the Cavaliers will not miss like they did Saturday Night. James will probably have a monster game, and Toronto will not play as well as they did in Game 3. I was hoping for a seven game series, but I don't see that happening. Look for the Cavaliers to win in a close game Monday night.

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