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September 16

Why Auto Pick In Fantasy Football Works Best For Me

Do you play Fantasy Football or any of the other sports? I know I am one person who loves playing these games and trying my skill and luck. Yes, there is some luck involved when playing these types of games. I wrote Fantasy sports articles for a website for about five years and learned a few things along the way. One of the best things I learned was choosing auto pick when it comes to picking my teams. Many people wonder why I would take auto pick over doing it myself. It's simple I'm lazy and like the options it provides to me. Let us look at some of the advantages.

The biggest advantage is usually the computer picks a better team for me. The second biggest reason is it usually picks me one or two great players and then I can build the team around them. This is also alot of fun because it tests your skills in pairing players together to win your league. Give it a try and see if the auto pick system will work for you. It has worked many years for me.

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September 15

Can Lebron James Past Michael Jordan As Best Ever?

Lebron James is one special NBA player, but no matter what he does people will always compare him to Michael Jordan. Can King James ever pass Michael Jordan as the greatest ever? Most people will probably say no, but I do think James has a shot at it. The first step is he must win seven championships which is within his reach, but he will need to get two more real soon. Cleveland has never won an NBA championship, but with the Cavaliers adding Kevin Love they look poised to end that drought. James will need to win five in Cleveland and with the team he has right now that is possible as they are very young. 

King James is still young and I do not think he has reach his peak just yet. The other thing he must do to past Jordan is hit clutch shots time after time. Jordan was a player that you wanted to take the last shot no matter what. James has to be that player if he wants to pass Jordan as the greatest ever. The last thing that King James must do is dominate in ever phase of the game including defense. Most people do not realize Jordan was a very good defensive player.

If King James can do the things listed above he has a chance to pass Jordan as the greatest ever. People as a whole love Lebron James and with him going back to Cleveland he will only become more popular in the years to come.

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September 15

What We Learned In Week 2 In The NFL

It seems every week we see different things that just make us shake our heads in the NFL. Pre-season favorites San Francisco and Seattle found out not every team is a push over. The 49ers got beat by da Bears and Seattle found out San Diego is not a pushover either.  Cleveland got their first win and well the Giants and the Jets took it on the chin. Buffalo and Arizona are both 2-0 early in the season. In football you just do not know anymore.

Minnesota played without Adrian Peterson and they looked pretty bad. Houston who struggled last year are out to a fast start as well. It goes to show you sometimes a new coach does help. Some players tune out a coach that has been there awhile and maybe that happened in Houston. Have we seen the last of RGIII for awhile. He got hurt in the game and his status is uncertain right now. It was a good week for me and my fantasy team even though my beloved Buccaneers took it on the chin again. Some teams just seem good at losing I've noticed that more lately.

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September 13

The NFL Has A Serious Image Problem That Needs Corrected Now

It seems the NFL has a serious image problem that needs to be corrected right away. First they have the Ray Rice incident and now Adrian Peterson. The NFL is suppose to educate players better, but it does not seem to be working. Now I understand it isn't always the NFL 's fought, but they must do a better job. I have not even got into the drug suspensions that seem to happy every year.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In the offseason we read about players in the NFL breaking the law and getting arrested. There has to be better education of these players when they come in to the league. There should also be an on going program in place to monitor players that are at risk. Until the NFL puts some safeguards in we will continue to see the same old problems.

Right now the NFL's image is at a all-time low and they need to do something about it. They can't continue to go down this path as it will just lead to more problems and issue for them.

September 13

Josh Gordon And Wes Welker Get A Break On Suspensions

Josh Gordon and Wes Welker are probably counting there blessing this morning. Both players look like they will get a break with the new drug policy that the players association and NFL is working on. Both players probably will see there suspensions knocked down. Now I am one person who does not agree with that at all. I mean if you do the crime pay the time. Getting a break is just not fair to the people before you. I guess you could say Welker and Gordon was at the right place at the right time.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

I guess Josh Gordon can stop selling cars real soon and resume his football career. The Cleveland Browns can use Gordon as they are very thin at this position. It will be interesting to see if Gordon keeps his nose clean after getting another break. I do not know how many more breaks he will be given. He  better use this chance to get his career back on track.

September 12

Chris Davis Suspended For 25 Games

There comes a time when you get tired of hearing excuses from MLB players on why they failed a test. Chris Davis got suspended 25 games for a failed amphetamine test. Now here is why he failed the test according to him:

"I apologize to my teammates, coaches, the Orioles organization and especially the fans. I made a mistake by taking Adderall. I had permission to use it in the past, but do not have a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) this year. I accept my punishment and will begin serving my suspension immediately."

Now first of all he knew the rules and failed and now he has hurt his team. If you know the rules you cannot make this mistake. His past accomplishments now will be looked down on as well. People will sit and wonder if he just beat the system and finally got caught. This is why you cannot make these kinds of mistakes. Chris Davis will now sit 25 games and get a chance to think about why he should of thought better of it. 

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September 11

The NFL Dropped The Ball In Ray Rice Incident

No matter what anyone tells you the NFL has really dropped the ball in the Ray Rice incident. With all the resources the NFL had they did not do a proper investigaton. The video that TMZ shows how bad it really was in that elevator. Ray Rice should have been suspended a very long time for this when it first happen.

Did the NFL trty ro sweep it under the rug. Right now it is not looking good for them. Domestic violence is nothing to joke about or sweep under the carpet like it will go away. The public deserves answers and the NFL better come up with some good ones. Right now it looks like they dropped the ball and that is sad. Hopefully, we will find out what went wrong, but I doubt it.

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September 10

Three Things Baseball Must Change

I love baseball, but like most baseball fans there are some things that must change with this sport. Here are three things that need to be changed as soon as possible. The first thing that must be changed is the Hall Of Fame Voting. It takes so many votes to get in and there are many players who should be there, but the voting process is keeping them out. Streamlining the voting process is something baseball fans would love alot. We know they will never do this one anytime soon.

The second request is to reinstate Pete Rose and get him into the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Rose did bet on baseball, but his accomplishments on the field should never be discounted. It has been long enough. Let's not let Rose die still waiting for that call from the Baseball Hall Of Fame as that would not be fair at all. The Negro Leagues are not represented in the Hall Of Fame like they should be either.

Lastly, the last change is to give the game back to the fans. Baseball players should be more fan friendly along with lower ticket prices. It's expensive to take a family to the game and MLB Baseball has outpriced itself to many families.  This is why many families have turned away from baseball. I think if MLB Baseball could do these three things the National Pastime would be great again.

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September 10

Jim Gantner vs Duane Kiper Who Wins The Battle

Now if you have been following baseball for a long time then the names Jim Gantner and Duane Kuiper will ring a bell. Ganter played for the Milwaukee Brewers and Duane Kuiper played for the Cleveland Indians. Both players played second base, so this battle should be interesting. This is a new series we are doing taking two guys who are not in the Hall of Fame and see who comes out on top.

Now the one thing about Kuiper and Gantner they will not wow you with there offensive numbers. Kuiper played 12 years and hit one home run and finished up with a .271 average along with over 900 hits. I told you the offensive numbers would not wow you at all. Kiper was a small guy, but ha no problem turning the double player. He could cover alot of ground and he played 926 games with 78 errors. His offense would not impress you, but his defense would. In 1977 his salary was only 40,000 a far cry from the millions players get today.

Jim Ganter was a scrappy second baseball who also was not the best offensivve player in the world. He hit 47 home runs in his 17year career. Gantner had a .274 average and 1,696 hits as well.  Jim has 115 errors, but he could cover ground as well. Defensively, Jim Gantner could do it all as well. Gantner was paid 19,000 his first year and his last year he did get over one million in his final season.Picking between the tough is tough. Gantner played longer, but if I had to take only one we will give the victory to Duane Kuiper. Both players are good, but our pick is Kiper as he defense was stellar. 

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September 10

Ned Yost Quietly Building A Winner In Kansas City

Ned Yost was fired from the Milwaukee Brewers a number of years ago and many people thought he would not get a chance to manage for some time. Kansas City thought about it and hired him as their manager in 2010. Yost has over 360 wins as a manager at Kansas City, and he has brought stability to the team. He is a good teacher and it has shown over the years. Slowly the Royals have improved and now they are on the verge of making the playoffs.

For Kansas City fans it has been 28  years since they have made the playoffs. Kansas City fans have waited a long time, so if they do make the playoffs that will be nice. Fans in Kansas City are pretty loyal and even in the down years they showed them alot of support. Right now Kansas City is playing well and have everything you need to contend.

The Royals have talented players at a number of positions. There pitching staff is good, so they could go deep in the playoffs. Ned Yost has done a wonderful job managing them and it will be interesting to see what he can do with them if they make the playoffs.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

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