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October 1

Can The Cavaliers Really Win A Title Now?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Many people including Vegas odds makers have the Cleveland Cavaliers as favorites in the Eastern Conference in the NBA. Now I do think the Cavaliers will be very good this season I do not have them as favorites to win the East. Cleveland is one of my favorites, but I also like the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards. Do not count out the Miami Heat either as they cold surprise a lot of people as well.

Can the Cavaliers really win a title now? I do not think it will happen this year or even next year. Cleveland is going to need a few years to gel as a team. Getting Lebron James back helps speed the process up, but it will not cure all the ails the Cavaliers right now. The Cavaliers also must stay healthy as well which sometimes can be tough in the NBA. Fans must not put to much pressure on the Cavaliers on the beginning. If the fans are patient they should be awarded a NBA Championship down the line.

September 20

Can We Stop Talking About Ray Rice Or Can't We

It seems the Ray Rice story never wants to end for the Ravens, The NFL, and the fans. It now seems the Ravens coach wanted to get rid of him, but management balked at that idea. Many people are hinting at a coverup and that is the way it is looking. The NFL had a press conference and you really cannot believe what they say either as more half-truths are coming from them as well. Will we ever get to the truth? Maybe?

I think we will only get the truth once Ray Rice never gets back into the NFL. Until then it will be he said they said situation. It's sad, but that is what we have come to right now. I think the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens need to step forward with the truth, but it's highly unlikely we will  ever see that day. We  will probably have to look for an outside source to get the correct information we desire. It's a shame, but that is where we are at right now.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

September 19

Can NHL Hockey Finally Grab The Mainstream Fan?

Can NHL hockey grow to greater heights in America? Now I have noticed the casual fan either loves NHL Hockey or they just hate it. I am kind of on the fence. I do like it, but do not follow it like I do the other three sports. I decided to sit down and discover why that was. I mean hockey is not an easy sport to play and you must be talented just to skate lord knows I cannot. 

Why hasn't NHL Hockey grabbed the mainstream fan? I think it comes down to the way it is marketed. Players in other sports are everywhere print and media. Hockey players are in very few ads and that hurts the sport. Television also does not show NHL Hockey as much as they show the other sports either. If you cannot see your team people tend to find something else to do. 

In 2014, 35 percent of fans call the NFL their favorite sport, followed by Major League Baseball (14 percent), college football (11 percent), auto racing (7 percent), the NBA (6 percent), the NHL (5 percent) and college basketball (3 percent). NHL Hockey is rated only 6th by some fans. The NHL has a big problem and raising awareness is tough. NHL is going to have a hard time get mainstream fans converted.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

September 19

What Is Left In Kobe Bryant's Tank?

Some players who are injured towards the tale end of their career are never the same. Is there anything left in Kobe's tank or is he running on empty? Lately Kobe Bryant has been injured, but it can be a blessing as he moves forward in the twilight of his career. The time he has missed has helped him let other nagging injuries heal as well. Kobe Bryant is a different type of player then most you will see. Players like him do not come around very often.

Many people think his tank could be empty, but I am not of that thinking. Kobe may not be the player we are use to seeing, but he will be very productive. As a player you learn how to do more with less energy expended. When players are younger they think they can do anything and do not always protect there greatest asset their bodies. Kobe is one of the brightest players to ever play the game. He knows what he can and cannot do. I think he will have a very productive season as long as he can stay healthy.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

September 18

Jimbo Fisher Doesn't Get It When It Comes To Winston

Jimbo Fisher doesn't seem to care much that people do not agree with the punishment handed to Jameis Winston. You would think Fisher would get tired of defending his quarterback, but when you have one that talented I guess not. There has to come a time when you say enough is enough. How much longer can Jimbo Fisher keep covering for his immature quarterback. Florida State as a University also should make a stand even if there football coach will not. The University it seems to care more about winning them building quality young men.

I hope that JImbo Fisher can understand why people are questioning his punishment. This was not the first time Winston has been a problem. Last time we heard he was going to be better and not make mistakes and we are back to where we were before. Sometimes you have to get tough with a player, but it seems Fisher does not want to do tht to his star quarterback at least not yet.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

September 18

Will The NFL Ever Be The Same?

Most people are down on the NFL  for the concussions issues and domestic abuse problems and you cannot blame them one bit. Will the NFL ever be the same as it was before? The answer is a resounding yes. The NFL is a global profit making franchise that will survive this bump in the road and learn from it. For the longest time the NFL just kept rolling on not a care in the world. They knew about the concussions and I will bet domestic abuse as well. It did not come to the forefront, so they did not worry about it. Once it became a problem they knew it must be addressed. Just like anything the NFL does not like to lose money and when sponsors leave that is what happens.

Both domestic abuse and concussions are important talking points that should have been discussed many years ago. It's a shame it took things like players dying and people being abused before the NFL did anything about it. The NFL should have been proactive and stopped it in it's tracks, but for some reason they did not. The NFL has been forced to do something about these problems. I hope they now look into other issues as well that could impact the game. Players have other issues that need to be looked at closely as well.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

September 18

Has Lebron James Painted Himself In A Corner?

Lebron James was happy to go back to Cleveland, but has he painted himself into a corner. James wanted Kevin Love and the Cleveland Cavaliers made that happen. This means there will be no more excuses from Lebron James. He has a young team and he must win a championship in Cleveland. The Cavaliers are talented, but it will not be easy at all it never happens to be. James has kind of painted himself in a corner and will need to succeed or the move back could hurt his legacy.

Many people believe James does not care about his legacy, but that is not true. James wants to be known as the best player ever. To do this he needs to bring a championship to Cleveland. If he does he knows that will forever cement his legacy. Is it good enough to pass Jordan as greatest ever? It just might be, but for now James needs to worry about just winning one and then he can work on getting some more. It will not be easier as teams will be playing their best when the Cavaliers come to town.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

September 18

NFL Has A Serious Domestic Abuse Problem

The more arrests that come the bigger reality is the NFL has a real bad domestic abuse problem. Roger Goodell needs to address it right away because it is not going anywhere. There will be further arrests as it does not seem to be slowing down. I am wondering how many of these situations have been swept under the carpet by the NFL or should I say not investigated like it should have been.

If Roger Goodell wants to keep his job he better be proactive on this problem. No more hiding from it he must confront it head on. It is a problem that runs deep in the NFL and I would say in College as well. This also is a society problem, but it has come to the forefront because of the NFL and it's issues with it. Hopefully, if something comes out of it more awareness will be made about this problem of domestic abuse in society.

September 17

FSU: Three Strikes And Your Out Except Jameis Winston

Three strikes and your out Jameis Winston, but apparently Florida State does not see it that way at all. Now Winston is a talented football player, but there comes a time when you must say enough is enough. Winston's latest incident was some vulgar comments made on campus at Florida State. What did Florida State decide to do sit him the first half against Clemson. Why not sit him the whole game and show him he is not bigger then the team. Florida State decided not to do that and it's sad.

Florida State is starting to remind me of the old Miami Hurricane teams where they did what they want without and punishment at all. Jimbo Fischer needs to take a tougher stand, but it does not look like he will and that is sad to see. Players these days think they can do what they want, and that is just not the case. There has to be a stiff punishment in place to defer such behavior in the future.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

As for Jameis Winston he is seeing his stock fall even more. Talent is important in the NFL, but now more than ever so is character. With the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson cases NFL GM's will now look much closer at character. They do not want to bring in a player that is going to bring bad press to their organization and you cannot blame them.

Players in college now will need to pay close attention to what they do and say in the future as it will help determine where they fall in the draft. It also could determine how much money they receive in there contracts as well. Keeping your nose clean has it's benefits if you want to have a log career in the NFL.

September 17

Diary Of A Brewers Fan 101

Now for many people they do not like to admit that they have been a Milwaukee Brewers fan now or in the past. but, I can truly say I have been for a very long time. Many people always ask me what is so special about the Milwaukee Brewers. I always tell them you have to be patient and also love baseball to truly be a Brewers fan. One of my favorite times as a Brewers fans were in the 80's. These were the exciting 80's as I call them for Brewers fans. I kind of lump the 70's and 80's together, but here are a list of some of my favorites

Mike Caldwell, Jerry Augustine, Mark Brouhard, Ben Ogilive, Cecil Cooper, Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Sixto Lezcano, Don Sutton, Gorman Thomas, Ben Sheets, Jim Gantner, and Don Money. Believe me there was a lot more, but that is a good list to start with. Brewers players are fan friendly which is another reason I like them so much.

It also seem that Brewers players wanted to win so bad even though the talent level was never what other teams had. This was the golden years for Brewers fans in my opinion. I love watching today's Brewers, but years ago it seem it was a lot more fun. It's too bad we cannot turn the clock back to watch old Brewers games. That would be must see television lol!

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