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15 May

Did Stan Van Gundy Pick The Right Team To Coach

Stan Van Gundy has always been one of my favorite coaches and I will admit the NBA has been a little dull without him in it. No more do we have to worry about that as he has taken the head coaching job for the Detroit Pistons. He also will be the president of basketball operations  which will give him some player control. Did Stan make the right call between the Pistons and other teams? 

The one thing about Stan Van Gundy he gets the most out of his players case in point is the Orlando Magic. He got alot out of that Magic team and had them playing playoff basketball most of the time. Detroit is in rebuilding phase and I think they got the right guy in Stan Van Gundy. He should fit well in Detroit. 

He has his work cut out for him, but I'm sure he will be up for the job. Time away from coaching gave Gundy a chance to recharge his batteries which is a good thing. I can't wait to see how well he does in the upcoming season.

2 Apr

What's Wrong With The Indiana Pacers?

Coming into this season the Indiana Pacers thought this would finally be the year they overtook the Miami Heat as The Beasts in the East. It has not worked out exactly as Indiana had hoped. The Pacers jump out of the gates like gangbusters, but the last few months have been a struggle for them. Miami has caught them for the best record in the East and home court advantage is now in jeporady as well. What has happened to the Pacers?

There are many possible answers to this question right now. One of the first things I look at is boredom. You probably wonder how a team could get bored, but it happens. When you are a good as the Pacers you tend not to play at a high level all the time. This does not mean you will not be able to, but turning it on and off is not something you want to try and do all the time.

Another reason the Pacers have struggled is teams are starting to figure out how to play them. It happens and just like any other team they must adapt to it. The Miami Heat has learned this and now are two-time NBA champions. Indiana must understand this is a long race and playing well at the right time is the key. Should Pacers fans be worried?

The reality of the situation is the Pacers can beat anyone in the NBA at home or on the road. Having the best record means home court which is important, but in the playoffs any team can win anywhere. Staying healthy and being consistent is key to winning in the playoffs. The Pacers should be fine just know it will not be an easy road for them it nerver is in the NBA.
30 Dec

Can The Browns Ever Get Out Of The Rut There In?

Well another season is coming to a close in Cleveland and the Browns again missed the playoffs. Now this comes as no surprise to anyone, but Browns Fans Deserve much better then what they are getting. Cleveland fired there coach and will bring in another retread and continue the same old losing Browns fans are use to.

When will the losing stop for Cleveland Browns Fans?  I'm afraid it will not stop anytime soon. Cleveland needs a quarterback that has some talent and some players to help him out. The Browns have a few good players, but overall they need a lot of help. Cleveland does have a number of draft picks that should help them rebuild.

Winning will never start unless they hire a coach with a proven track record. You need a voice in the locker room that players trust and believe in. Until that happens the Browns will continue to lose football games and irate fans. Brown's fan's deserve better and let's hope the front office realizes it one day soon. I doubt it and Cleveland fans can look forward to another losing season as the candidates they have mention will not send fear into any opponent in the near future.

6 Sep

Hey, It's Me Ryan Braun I'm Sorry Season Ticket Holders

It seems that Ryan Braun is calling season ticket holders to tell them how sorry he is for all the mistakes he made. Most people cannot believe that it is Ryan Braun. The truth is yes it's Ryan Braun. It seems Ryan Braun went to Brewers management and asked if he could do it. Now most season ticket holders are probably happy that Braun is doing it, but I'm sure a few are getting there digs in at Braun as well. You really cannot blame them as many Milwaukee Brewers fans are irate at Braun for lying to them from the beginning.

This is a good step for Ryan Braun who many people feel should have been suspended alot longer. I do not know about that, but it is good to see he is trying to the right thing for once. I guess the biggest problem I have is can you ever trust him again. Once you lie to fans you may not ever trust him again. Most fans want to know why he did it in the first place and I'm sure one day we will hear everything.

For now all Milwaukee Brewers fans can do is hope Ryan Braun has learned his lesson. It is a shame that he ruined a possible Hall Of Fame career for a few years of using PED's. Ryan Braun made a terrible mistake and it will cost him the rest of his life. 

28 Aug

What Is Really Left For Ryan Braun To Say?

If you are like me and a big Milwaukee Brewers fan the name Ryan Braun just makes me sick. I wish the Brewers would have cut him, but i know that just is not reality. He will be a Brewers player probably for a very long time no matter how much I hate it. I just hope Ryan Braun never says another word as we cannot believe anything that comes from his mouth.

Everyone who trusted him and supported him he threw them under the bus including me. I was a big supporter of his innocence only to find out he was a liar. He hurt the Brewers organization, teammates, and his fans along with baseball. If he never played another game I would not miss him at all. People who do what he did should be gone from the game, but that will never happen.

The Brewers and I are stuck with Ryan Braun for many years to come. I just hope he keeps his trap shut as if he does not it will make him look even worse.

1 Aug

Is A Lifetime Ban For A-Rod Going To Make A Real Difference

The truth is a lifetime ban on A-Rod really will not make any difference for a number of reasons. Yes, many people feel they never want to see him play baseball again andI can understand that, but he has millions of dollars and will just sit back and enjoy himself and the rest of his life. A-Rod knows he will never make the Hall Of Fame and I really don't think he cares. MLB might have the last say, but in reality making a deal with A-Rod makes a lot more sense these days. 

My suggestion would be to let him play and strike a deal where he would need to be pro active on the education of the problems with PED's. Using A-Rod  to educate would be much more effective then a lifetime ban. It is much more beneficial to work with players them to get them out of the game. The other thing that needs to be done in the future is to make sure players are penalized in the wallet for PED use. I do not mean some small fine, but a lost of their MLB contract with a team. Kick them out of baseball for a year and make them enroll in a program to get back in. Something needs to be done or MLB will continue to struggle with drug use.

9 Jul

Kobe Bryant Does Not Care About Players Who Are Not With Him On His Journey

Kobe Bryant has always been about winning and the latest indication of that is when he unfollowed Dwight Howard on Twitter. Some people hinted it was sour grapes on Kobe Bryant's part, but his reasoning makes real sense. He take is why should he follow a player who wants to kick his butt on the basketball court when they meet. This is how competitive Kobe Bryant happens to be. He reminds me alot like Michael Jordan in that respect. Jordan did not like to lose at anything including a game of horse to a teammate.

You have to give Kobe credit he is all about winning and if your not a teammate the chance of him being  one of your followers could be remote. Like him or hate him Kobe Bryant wants to win championships and as a teammate you got to love that from him. There is a reason he has won all those championships it is commitment to being the best he can be. Who knows maybe losing Dwight Howard could be exactly what Kobe Bryant needs to help fuel another championship run.

8 Jul

How Much Is Left In The Tank Of Paul Pierce And Kevin Garnett?

Trading away star players is never an easy thing to do ask any GM that has traded away an aging superstar and they will tell you it is tough. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were traded to Brooklyn and most people felt they have their best years behind them. Now that maybe true, but I am sure they still have plenty in the tank. The one thing about Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett they are proud players and warriors. They want to go out on their own terms and this trade may give them that opportunity.

The Boston Celtics needed to trade them and Brooklyn wanted them. Pierce and Garnett I think will continue to play at a very high level. Each one brings something special to a team and the Nets realize this. Grabbing both players will help push the Nets to title contenders in the East. Look for Pierce and Garnett to continue to do what they always have and that is help their team win games. 

8 Jul

What If Dwight Howard Would Have Resigned With The Lakers

We live in a world of what ifs, and I was sitting thinking about what if Dwight Howard resigned with the Lakers. We all know that is not possible, but the thought of it got me thinking. Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard together would be like oil and water they just do not mix. Bryant is a guy who is about winning and we all know Dwight Howard is about fun, fun and some more fun. Mike D'Antoni probably would not have made it to the all-star break if he had to deal with another year of D12.

Could we have seen a meltdown from D12 as well in Los Angeles? I think that could have been a possible. Dwight Howard's first year did not go well in LA, and I think it would just get worse for him. The Kobe and Dwight break-up could be worse then the Kobe-Shaq break-up if they would have stayed together another year. Luckily, we do not have to worry about it as Dwight Howard is a Houston Rocket and Kobe is in Lakerland. I guess it is best that way, but the what ifs still abound don't they.

7 Jul

Dwight Howard Finally Made The Right Choice For Once

Many times I have gotten on Dwight Howard about making the wrong decision and keeping people waiting. This time though I must give D12 credit as he made the right decision on his future. Staying with the Los Angeles Lakers was not the right move and I'm glad he did not stay with the Lakers. I would hate to see the meltdown of D12 on a Laker court anyways. Shaq got it right when he said Dwight Howard cannot handle the pressure of Los Angeles. Houston is the perfect place for Dwight Howard right now.

Houston is a place that wants to win, but the pressure will not be as great as it is in Los Angeles. Howard will be able to be his fun self without worrying about winning championships right away. I will admit Dwight Howard is a super talent, but he says he wants to win a championship, but has yet to show he really wants to do what it takes to win one. Believe me when I say this D12 Kobe Bryant can't wait to play Houston this season. It will be interesting to see that match-up. In the end, I agree Dwight Howard made the best choice as Houston is now his home.