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August 23

College Football Are You Ready For The Madness!

College Football  will be starting  shortly and we have the first pre-season  poll with Ohio State as everyone's  choice as the best team in college football. This really should come as no surprise to anyone. Ohio State is loaded with talent and they could become repeat champions. There are some other teams looking to derail the Buckeyes and claim the National Championship. TCU is one of those teams that feel they can plan with the Buckeyes and even beat them.

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Alabama, Auburn, Baylor and others also want to lay claim to possible contenders in the title chase. This season  should be very interesting  as you never know what can happen in college football. An early loss could derail  and of these teams. Virginia  Tech hosts Ohio State and last season that was the only team to derail the Buckeyes. Every team has trap games and rivalries  so you just don't know anymore. Are you ready for college football? I know I am.

March 30

Is Kentucky's Run About To End?

The Kentucky Wildcats perfect run almost ended at the hands of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, but the Wildcats proved they are not ready to lose just yet. Could Kentucky's run becoming to an end? The truth is they will have two tough games if they want to be perfect and hoist another National Championship banner up. All three teams left can beat Kentucky if they do not play well. Many people think it is just a matter of time before the Wildcats go down, but I'm not so sure about that one.

It seems Kentucky has the will to win and at the end does whatever is needed to get the win. When things go wrong they do not seem to get to rattle and they ride the storm very well. The Harrison Brothers seem to relish in the spotlight and make the plays when it is needed. Karl Towns played a monster game against Notre Dame and kept Kentucky in the game. One of the main reasons it is hard to beat the Wildcats is they have a variety of people who can get hot and carry them to a victory. This is why I think Kentucky will finish undefeated and set history.

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January 20

Did Seattle Win It Or Did Green Bay Give It Away?

After watching the Seattle vs Green Bay game I am wondering if Seattle won it as much as Green Bay gave it away. Now I will give Seattle credit they never gave up and fought hard in the second half to get the win. Green Bay though in my opinion gave the game away. Aggressive play calling vanished along with dropped balls and bad decisions. All of these things help fuel the Seattle win and the Green Bay loss it seems. I mean you cannot really say one play turned it around it was a number of plays and mistakes.

There were several plays that should never had happen in the game. The onside kick should have been handled by a hands guy whose job is to recover the ball. Secondly, you cannot give up a two point conversion the way the Packers did towards the end of the game. It seemed the Packers was playing not to lose and did. The other play is the touchdown in overtime. As a player you commit a penalty as you cannot give up a touchdown in that instance. Better to commit an infraction then give up a touchdown and give yourself a shot then lose the game right there. No matter how you look at it this was a game Seattle should not have won, but to their credit they did what was needed to get the win.

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January 14

Even Lebron James Cannot Save These Cavaliers?

Lebron James was coming back to Cleveland to bring them a NBA Championship, but right now it looks like anything but a championship team. James has been injured and not playing up to his NBA ability at times and that has only been part of the problem. It seems Kevin Love is not involved enough as he is confused on his role on the team. David Blatt the coach really has no answers and many times the Cavaliers just tune him out. Can the season be saved?

I think the season can still be saved for the Cavaliers, but several things must happen. The first is these players must listen to James. It seems many are tuning him out and that is part of the problem. Getting Kevin Love more involved is critical if they want to see success. Making trade after trade is not the answer either. Stick with a core group and work with them until you get better. It will not happen overnight, but keep making changes is not the answer. I think some of the players feel resentment towards King James as well even if they do not want to admit it. Right now the Cavaliers are not a good team and unless something changes soon they may not even make the playoffs.

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January 14

Can Ohio State Win Back To Back Championships?

Ohio State won the first College Football Playoff, but it's never to early to talk about winning Back to Back Championships. The Buckeyes are very deep and talented and they have a good chance at a repeat championship, but there are some stumbling blocks in the way. Let us take a look at some of these stumbling blocks. The first one is the Buckeyes cannot afford to lose key players on offense and defense. Staying as healthy as possible is the key to winning back to back championships. Scheduling will also factor into it as well. Looking at the Buckeyes schedule there is some roadblocks they must get around.

The first roadblock for the Buckeyes will be Sept 7 which is on a Monday Night against Virginia Tech the only team to beat them this past season. Playing under the lights in Blacksburg is very tough. This is one of those trap games that the Buckeyes must win.  If the Buckeyes get a win here it is clear sailing until the last two games of the season. Michigan State comes to Ohio on Novemeber 21 and this should be a game for the ages. The last game is at Michigan and this one worries me the most. Jim Harbaugh has a reputation  for having his players ready for big games.

As you can see winning a back to back championship is never easy and every team will be gunning for the Buckeyes. Teams want to be the one to say they knocked off the Buckeyes. It will be interesting to see how the 2015-16 season goes for the Buckeyes.

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January 13

TCU Still Gets Little Respect From Anyone

TCU is probably is wondering what they have to do to earn some respect in the college football landscape. They played a bowl game and dominated Ole Miss from start to finish. Did that get them respect? Nope, apparently most people feel they are overrated. Just look at the AP Poll released today as the TCU Horned Frogs are third behind the Oregon Ducks who were waxed by the Ohio State Buckeyes. TCU should at least be  second without a question.  Why doesn't TCU get any respect? Let us look deeper into that question and see if we can find some answers.

First of all I will admit the Horned Frogs schedule was not the toughest, but it is not really that bad. In fact the Horned Frogs schedule was rated 29th which isn't the worse I have seen. High -profile players is also something most people do not associate with the Horned Frogs. The truth is they have produce some very decent NFL players in recent years. TCU is not a media darling which also hurts the Horned Frogs. People do not seem to want to read about them and that hurts them in the public eye and perception. I think that also hurt them in the committee's eyes as well.

In the end people can say what they want, but the latest edition of the TCU Horned Frogs was very good. I think they can play with anyone in the country. This coming season they will have a chance to prove it and I do not see any slip-ups this time around for the Horned Frogs.

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January 11

Football Karma Hits Cowboys Hard

The Dallas Cowboys seen them get the benefits of some calls against the Detroit Lions last week, but this week the football gods turned the tables on the Dallas Cowboys. Dez Bryant made a catch on fourth down to set up the Cowboys on the Packers one yard line, but a challenged was made and it was overturned. Bryant did come down and did lose a little control of the ball which was against the rules. Many Cowboy fans will be upset, but that is what happens in close games it comes down to a few plays here or there and this game was no exception. It was a close call, but that is not why the Cowboys lost the game.

Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers played better in the second half and made enough plays to win the game. In close games it many times comes down who plays the best at the end. Both teams fought hard and it could have went either way. It is a shame that both teams could not have won the game, but you can only have one winner. The Dallas Cowboys had a good season, but just like teams before them they found out beating the Packers and Aaron Rodgers at home is very tough. Green Bay moves on and now will head to Seattle to take on the Seahawks for a chance to go to the Super Bowl.

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January 11

Can Cardale Jones Continue To Be The Hero

When the College Football season started no one knew who Cardale Jones was or if he could play consistently at this level. Jones has quickly silenced all his critics. Jones came out of Glenville High School in Cleveland, Ohio where he led his team to the 2009 High School Championship game in Division 1. He was a very good high school player. His academics were not where they needed to be so he went to Fort Military Academy for a semester before enrolling at Ohio State. Cardale Jones has a cannon for an arm and can do many wonderful things o the field of play.

There have been many amazing stories about Jones most about his arm strength. Even by his own account Jones says he can throw it 80-85 yards which is simply amazing. In practice players have watched him throw it 60 yards from one knee. If that story is true that is amazing as well. The one thing about Cardale Jones he is more of a pro type quarterback and in the Buckeyes offense that is a good thing.

The one thing we have learned about Cardale Jones he is a big time college quarterback. He has not let the pressure get to him. He has been poise under the gun and even if he does not start next season he has made a lasting impression. The NFL is always looking for players with cannons for arms with poise.

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January 7

What Kind Of Pro Will Jameis Winston Be ?

Well it's official now Jameis Winston will be turning pro and saying goodbye to college football. Looking back at Winston's college football career he won alot of games, but also made a few mistakes along the way. Will these mistakes hurt his NFL stock? I would say yes and no. Many teams will overlook the mistakes Winston made and decide to draft him anyways. What kind of pro will Jameis Winston turn into?

One of the keys for Jameis Winston will be the team that drafts him. No matter what anyone tells you the team and system you are put in can have a big effect on your success. Winston will need a good support system around him if he wants to succeed. This way he will not make the same mistakes he did in college. Talent wise Winston is very good, but he must understand the pros are much different than in college.

Winston must look to prove himself once again when he arrives in the pros. He must also understand the team that drafts him most likely will not be very good. It's just the way it works. Having an excellent work ethic will help him, but he cannot have any off field issues or he will be out of the NFL very quickly.

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January 7

Should College Football Help Get Parents To The Games?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

College Football programs make millions of dollars off the backs of men and women, so why can't these college programs help out the parents. Most student-athlete's are on scholarship which means most parents are not that rich. During the season going to every game can be expensive endeavor. This is why the colleges need to do something to help out the families of the athlete.  Millions and millions are made by the universities in various ways of these athletes. From ticket sales to sales of merchandise millions are being made.

Urban Meyer has noticed this and stood up for the student athlete which is rare these days. Ohio State is trying to do something about it and it could start a snowball effect in college sports. If the Buckeyes help the athlete's families out look for other colleges to follow suit. It is time that college atheltics give back to the people who help them out the most the student-athlete along with there families.  It will be interesting to see how this all works out and how far it actually goes as far as the athlete and their parents. Maybe a stipend is not to far away anymore. 

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